Final Exam

I say we throw out the previous lowest one with the final!

What do you think?

I agree. If we bomb the final and it is double points, then we are kind of screwed…..

I FOR SURE agree with you guys! and I heard her finals are SUPER hard so these ideas all sound good to me!

I also agree with replacing the lowest test score…

Lydia and I were thinking that we have it worth double and we take that grade in replacement as well. I am sure she will do a better job at explaining it, but it sounded good to me…

I like the idea of having the final take the place of our lowest test score, but am interested in what Lydia's idea is about having the final still worth double?!
Question: if we do worse on the final than our lowest test score, will the final grade still replace it?

I was thinking that the final would be like two exams. Your final exam grade would be your final exam grade (cuz of what Dr. Robson said I don't think that is going to change) BUT if your final exam grade is BETTER than any one of your other exams it would replace that exam. If it was worse, than nothing would happen…

I don't think that if you score worse on the final that it should be replaced with that grade. Although it would prove Robson's point about only learning the information for the test and then forgetting it. What does everyone else think?

The whole doubling thing sounds risky!

I only want the final to replace our lowest test grade!

Def let the final replace our previous lowest exam grade!!!

I think we need to get some kind of tally going.

How many people want the final to be worth double any normal test?

How many people want the final to replace our lowest test score, should we do better on the final than a previous chapter test?

Here's a quick poll so we can see a number as to who wants what.
Nice idea with the poll.

spank ya very much

Nice english there karl

Ha I deleted it so now you have no proof! Let me restate this; Keith your poll didn't work, figure it out.

It's not deleted yet lol but i think there both risky but you only live one life soo lets be risky! lol

I'm liking the delete the lowest grade

I think we should all just get A's….

Ya know, I like that idea!

It's never gonna happen!

i don't really care what we chose but i am game for anything.

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