Favorite TV Shows

I love Bones!

The Secret Life of an American Teenager!

Heroes, LOST, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, and Justified!!!!!!!!!

justified, pawn stars, family guy, south park… It's all good.

I miss Pushing Daisies; it's no longer on the air.

Justified and the Ultimate Fighter

I've started to watch The Office lately. I deeply deeply deeply deeply regret not getting hooked on it sooner!

Boo on the office!

Agreed. Not a big office fan.

CSI, House, 90210, Ghost Hunters, and definitely Dog the Bounty Hunter!!!

Haha. Dog makes me laugh lol

CSI and Cold Case are the greatest investigation shows, Especially Cold Case, that's definitely my all time favorite show.

So Burn Notice is pretty sweet, and Psych can be funny.

I started watching Everybody Hates Chris.

I've only seen a couple episodes of that. It was amusing.

Hells Kitchen is one I like!

My mom and sister like that, but not me!

You guys actually have time to watch tv?

I watch close to three shows a night, if not more.

FRIENDS is the best show ever!

Family Guy, South Park… anything funny :)

New south park on Wednesday!

I'm a fan of One Tree Hill, and I'm the same; …. I dislike the office! Sorry! Haha.

I used to love One Tree Hill; I really only enjoyed the first season.

Tough Love Couples started last night haha



- never seen it be before… lol…

You're missing out!!! Check it out next Tues!!!!

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