Family Guy!!!!

Family Guy is an awesome show. The best character on there is Stewie. Plus its on every evening making it the best show to watch in the evening.

I totally agree!! Roomie, you and I watch it like every night!! It's good bonding!! LOL;)

I like Chris too.

Who don't you like on Family Guy? = Better question.

i dont like meg… she is gross

I hate Family Guy.


I feel brain cells disentigrating.

There is no one I don't like on Family Guy. Family Guy is one of the best shows ever created! Anyone who claims they hate it is lying to themselves.

I am not lying to myself. I just got sick of someone in high school telling me about it every single day. So, I never watched a full episode of the show.

So you let someone else determine whether or not you liked it, without deciding yourself. Kind of like lying to yourself

It's a nasty show. That's the end of the story.

How is it nasty? It's meant for adults, therefore it has adult jokes in it. That's not nasty;it's just mature.

Quagmire- "How old are you?"
Girl- "16"
Quagmire- "18! Wow, your first!"

I don't like FAMILY GUYYY!!

Saying it's mature isn't exactly right. It's for mature audiences but it's very immature in humor. HA but i love it, if you can't laugh at immaturity sometimes what will you laugh at?

You need to watch a full episode of family guy to get the true feeling of it. Its a magical work of art. Just keep your mind open and dont think about what the person at your school said about it.

I love Family guy, but it can be very stereotypical at times.

I don't think I could ever force myself to watch a full episode of Family Guy.

Agreed I don't think I have watched a full episode before.

I think you shouldnt have to force yourself to watch something dumb…u shoudl try things and go in with an open mind i thought step brothers would be stupid and i went in and i still think its stupid and dont like it but i gave it a try….everyone should atleast see one episode of Family Guy

Who likes Aqua Teen Hunger Force????!!!!!!

I absolutely adora Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The Broodwich episode is the best.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is stupid. I love family guy. and ya its weird don't judge me lol but i love moral orel. lol its so messed up that its entertaining

Ha. o man yeahhh that show is one of the weirdest shows I have ever seen. lol Family Guy is definitely good tho

Moral orel is a wrong show, granted it has funny parts. Aqua teen hunger force has good episodes and bad episodes but it's not too bad of a show. However, Family guy I think just connects its commics really well sometimes. Also who has seen the clevland show. like or hatdes I don't like, but most of them are just so funny, how can a person not like the show?

I love this show, good way to blow off steam in the middle of a lab report!


First off, Family Guy is stupid. But that is what makes it funny. Some people just don't understand humorous things. Their loss! haha jk but seriously Family Guy, Step Brothers, etc. are all funny. You just have to be in the right mood to watch them!

See now watching funny stuff like that actually gets you in the right mood lol Family Guy just makes everything better!

I totally agree!! Some people just don't understand the humor behind Family Guy and it is their loss. I don't think I could ever give up watching it!!!

I couldn't give it up either. It's one of the shows my roomie and I just can't stop watching!!!

Family Guy is great! I have like 4 or 5 seasons of it on DVD at home and it never gets old!

Between Family Guy and South Park they are the funniest shows ever

Im going to have to agree… Family guy is hilarious!

Look up "Family Guy Bullfrog" on YouTube…gets me everytime!…here's the link:

Family Guy is one of the funniest shows on TV today!

it seems the fire was started by these stress release candles… ironnnnyyyy

D S Girl? I found this episode incredible, though possibly quite offensive!

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