Exam 3 review session

Does anyone know when the Exam 3 review sessions will be?

I am delighted to hear that there is demand for a review session. Let's say Monday AND Tuesday immediately following class, in our regularly scheduled classroom (UPS), where there may or may not be random loud banging noises. Kisses, DxRR

Can we please make it Mon night and Tues after class??? Some of us have a class immediately following bio lecture on both Mon and Tues!

I second that. Can we please have a night one on Monday again? I have class after bio both days.

How about 5 pm on Monday night like usual?

Well, some people have sports on Monday night and class on Tuesday……

We have always had a Mon night review session and a review session after class on Tues. Why change?

Can we have it Monday night and Wednesday after class?

We don't have class on Wednesday.

I agree just stick to the Norm

So long as there is one tuesday after class i don't care.

I like both after class….but mon. night works too.

Hey, friends: since no one requested a review session until Saturday, I wasn't able to rearrange my schedule such that I could meet with you this evening. That's why the sessions are scheduled when they are—because those were the only times that I thought would work with most people's schedules, and would also work with mine. -DxRR

Sounds good to me.

Guess I'll just get notes from someone else

thanks for doing review sessions!

the Tuesday one will work out for me

Tuesday also would work for me! thanks again for doing these review sessions!

So one is RIGHT after this class?

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