Exam #1

The first exam will be Thursday, Feb. 4th!!

Dr. Robson is offering to have two different study sessions before the test. So, let's find two days where we can meet.

Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday?

All days work for me! How about Monday at 6 pm for the first day?

Monday or Wednesday works for me.

Monday at 6 works for me.

I work Monday and Wednesday nights… better make it Tuesday.

We should make it later than 6 for those of us in sports.

One of them should be earlier because some of us are commuters, like monday or tuesday at 2.

I think earlier in the day would be great, maybe 10:30 am on Monday or Weds? 2 pm on either Mon or Tues doesn't work for me. I could do 3 on Mon, though.

10:30 wouldnt work, most of us have C&C at that time, and 3 on monday wouldnt work for a few of us because it's only 45 minutes before honors. How about 12 on wednesday?

12 on Weds works for me.

So when have we decided a time to do the reviews??

How about 7 pm on Monday for the athletes and those of us who can come Mon night and 3 pm on Weds for commuters and people who work that night?

3 is REALLY late on wednesday for commuters.

Why don't we just meet in the library and have a study session plus COFFEE after class one day next week and then a night session? I know that next tuesday is a bad night because of the poverty simulation in yockey from 6-8. There might be a lot of students doing this.

I always have a class after lecture.

Same here. I know that football players sometimes don't get done until 6 o clock on mondays tuesdays thursdays and fridays. 3 o clock on a wednesday would be awesome! Or later in the day wednesday on.

It is going to be hard to find a time for everyone. There are too many people in the class to accommodate to everyone. Nights would be easier for everyone to attend.

Ya theres to many ppl to find a good time for everyone so just pick two times and if you can make it then great but if not, sucks for you

I agree that nights would be better to attend. I understand not everyone can make it but I think we should have at least one night. For those who can't make it, hopefully they can talk to a friend and get a copy of the notes they take

It's not fair to commuters if it's only at night. Just because we don't live on campus doesn't mean we don't want to get good grades too.

OKAY!! let's all just take a deep breath…no one is trying to discriminate against the commuters. We all just need to realize that no matter what times/days we choose not everyone will be able to make it.
From what it looks like we are thinking Monday and Wednesday. So how about if we do one study session Monday evening around 6 or 7, so people with practices and other things can get done and eat. And we can do the other session on Wednesday sometime during the day. Depending on when Dr. Robson has class, maybe she could be available from noon til sometime that afternoon.

I agree with nicole sounds like an excelent plan

That sounds good.

I agree and people can just need to be willing to be a little flexible :)

We should make it 5 on monday b/c there is a jv bball game monday night at 7. And i have chem lab right after class on tuesday.

Alright, everybody knows when we're meeting, right?

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