Dear Science Lovers

Dear Science Lovers in particular Dr.Robson and not so much science lovers at all just more the head teach because this really isn't about loving or not loving science but about the prospect of this upcoming event I would like to call hell (A.K.A. exam). So I will rephrase this, Dear teacher of this horribly confusing and I'm sorry to say not very entertaining class, this test/exam…… not fun. It's not fun to talk, think, study, communicate or even dream about. And I know how much fun you like to have (refer to facebook pictures) so I would just like to give you a few ideas as to make this quote unquote exam quote unquote more fun/funner. I think you should really consider to take out any homwork you have or are going to assign. Not only is this a crucial burden on our busy and so eventful weekends but it put a lot of pressure on you. If you didn't give us any homework you would no longer have to worry about taking time out of your eventful weekends (again refer to facebook pictures) to check our boring homework. And while we are reconsidering this whole homework thing you can go ahead and throw in all the test/exams we do in lab and or lecture. And now that we are talking about lectures we can hit the nail on the head and say that we should cut out all lectures also. Without homework and test/exam and bio work we do not need lectures. Now…..I want to talk of the alternative things we could do. Many of us "students/scientist" that sit in your class ponder everyday how you became so hip and cool. And mostly how you became so fashionable. So I think instead of doing all these silly things we have been wasting our time on you should "teach us your party animal/fashionable ways." This may take you while to warm up to so please don't deny this right away just take a breather, a ste back and read it a few more times because I know someday you will come to your senses and realize this is a genius idea and you youself wish you would have come up with this many a years ago. I must go now and pay attention to this dreadful review so I can prepare myself for the last ever exam/test any student will take in this class (crossing of fingers and knocking of wood occurs here).

Sincerly Yours,

Concerned in California


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