crazy final questions

I think there should be a question on the final like this: "Jigsaw wants to clone you to kill you over and over again but doesn't know how to do it…." but then im not sure what the biology part should be….

I don't understand this Saw thing. It scares me because I haven't seen any of the movies. I just want "normal" questions.

Of course, there would have to be one about cyanide and maybe one with someone having Lesch-Nyhan syndrome.

Maybe Jigsaw will inject mad cow disease in a guy if he doesnt stop feeding people meat that isn't thoroughly cooked?!
Or maybe Jigsaw will burn the lips of a woman who wants to make babies with a Lesch-Nyhan syndrome man?!
This is hard to come up with. Is Jigsaw doing something crazy Biology like to the people or are the people messing up biology and getting just killed by Jigsaw?

Either or both work.

This is nuts! haha

haha Saw movies are sweet but idk if their worthy to be on a bio test!

i haven't seen any Saw movies…so i don't think we should have to know specific things from the movie. i don't care if there's just like references to them though

I get a little tired of the stories on the tests. I just want a straight up bio test.

Straight up bio tests are boooooring…I think we should have a gruesome Saw question.

I think the Saw question is a good idea to keep us interested I just hope she doesn't write it in a confusing way.

I agree that it is going to be interesting! but im also scared…hahah i hate those movies!

I am just worried all the crazy saw stuff will be distracting..

Don't worry, we are all intelligent enough to outsmart Jigsaw.

I think as long as the questions are legit, It'll work out. If they are too gruesome, we'll spend too much time trying to get the images out of our heads instead of finding the info and pulling it for use.

HAHAH i agree!! bad and gross images in our heads you mean! :)

This is just creepy! How do you even think of things like this? …I might be too caught up in thinking about these gruesome things rather than thinking about how biology applies to the final!

Haha! Think how messed up the guy is that wrote all six of the Saw movies lol

Ya dude lol that guy is getting paid so much money for being freaking crazy

He is a genius… how can he still think of new crazy sh** lol

I think he's more psycho then genius. the Saw movies are sick.

Actually there were multiple directors but the director of the original helped direct and produce the rest of the movies

How are they not in an insane asylum? lol

Those questions on the test were epic!

Crazy how they were maybe Robson looked at this

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