Cody Simmons

I like Potatoes. potatoes-1.jpg

I also like potatoes :P Adam Kerr

Me too :) Keith Chvatal

I like them fried!

Curry is intelligent…just wanted to see if it would let me post false information -Mike O

Agreed -Keith

I prefer my potatoes twice baked-Rich R

Potatoes are best mashed! They need a few lumps in them and plenty of pepper! Don't forget to put corn on top! Yum!!! - Jessyka

I like loaded bake potatoes :) Krystal

First off potatoes are amazing :). Second you don't put corn on potatoes, that is disgusting! Definitely need butter or gravy on it-Cody D

Gravy is disgusting! I like my mashed potatoes with the butter mixed in, not on top! - Jessyka

My favorite. Raw….. hahahaha just kidding. Baked potato with butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, and sometimes chili if I'm feeling crazy! Laura Maynard

My favorite type is party potatoes.(Mashed potatoes with sour cream and onion powder) Taylor R

I've never heard of party potatoes! I wouldn't eat them, but they sound interesting and fun to make.

People you are forgetting about hash browns. They are especially good with cheese and ketchup! YUMMM!


I posted this and I must admit, it is a lie… I only like french fries. Which might as well not be potatoes because I don't like the big thick potatoe-y ones.

i would take mashed potatoes over a bakes potatoes !

Agreed. I could go for some mashed potatoes and gravy right about now lol

Garlic butter and chives. NOM!

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