Ch 6 For Investigation

Do we have to do the For Investigation for Chapter 6 that is due Tuesday(tmrw)?

You spelled tomorrow wrong :P Unfortunately I'm asking the same question. Its not on moodle yet so I'm going to wait and see if its up tomorrow. NO CLASSES TMRW!!!

I hope so; I've already done it!

It's still not up. So I'm wondering if we even have to do it.

Yeah I noticed that, too…hmm…

it's up…. :/ what are your ideas?

Anyone have any good ideas for the chp. 6 investigation question???

Sooo i checked earlier and we didn't have one but meow we do?

haha that my friend is a good movie!

Some nimbly pimbly little feline? But I have no idea where to start with this question

Can anyone help out on this question? B/c I don't have a clue what it is even about!

Set up 2 experiments with pollution and without

I set up 2 experiments as well.

I know some people still have not submitted the For Investigation Chapter 6 and asked for me to post mine. Idk if its right or not but here it is…

To find whether catalase has an allosteric or nonallosteric mechanism, you should find a way to measure the reaction rate as it turns hydrogen peroxide into water. Once you have found its trend and the rates at which it converts the peroxide, you can determine which mechanism it uses. Allosteric mechanisms show an S-shaped trend in the reaction rates. Nonallosteric mechanisms show a very rapid rate of reaction while the substrate concentration is low but then taper off once it has become saturated. In order to determine whether the pollutants act as a competitive or noncompetitive inhibitor, you must be able to look at the catalase and see where the pollutant molecule has attached to it. If it has attached to the active site of the molecule then it is competitive because it has competed with the substrate in order to attach to the catalase. If it has attached to the nonactive site and forced the catalase to change shape and close then we will know that it is noncompetitive.

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