Caribbean Med school sounds way cooler and easier than regular med school. I am checking it out…

Beware: Justin said you'd be under some restrictions.

IDK about you but I would rather go to a med school that is recognized and doesn't leave me with restrictions.

I wonder what kind of restrictions there would be.. because any school in the Caribbean sounds tempting.

I definitely would consider looking into medical school in the Caribbean. How amazing would that be? I understand there could possibly be restrictions when you get back to the States, but going to school on a Caribbean Island for a few years almost makes you forget about any restrictions. I think it would be a blast!

I can live with restriction if i get some beach side classes

You only get those restrictions in the states, why would you ever leave the Caribbean? I'd be a doctor there for sure!

I have also considered, but I am scared if there were restrictions and I couldn't stay in the Caribbean any longer. For reasons relating to family or something.

I would love attending a Caribbean med school. But with the way this semester is going I am probably going to have to look for a med school in Guatemala or something. I hear south america is lovely this time of year.

It would be sweet being in nice weather like that and be somewhere new except it seems really far away.

I don't think I even have a chance in medical school after this semester….. lol

lol tell me about it, but hopefully some place around here will accept me :) I don't wanna leave the midwest I don't think :)

Haha agree this semester didn't go so well but it is only our first year.

Yeah. I heard first year is the hardest.

I hope so

Images of the Caribbean are the only thing that is going to get me through this next busy, hectic, stressful, studyful, eventful, fatigueful..?…week!

I'm still banking on Caribbean medical school!

The picutres of the Caribbean look so nice & warm!!!!

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