Candy and other Sweets

I like Red Hots! Whoppers, Milk Duds, and Snickers Bars are also wonderful.

Can't forget about Bottle Caps!!!

Oh… I almost forgot about them!

fun dip and airheads

you need more chocolate in here!!!

does it have to be manufactured candy? can it be baked goods too?

Twin bings are pretty good most states don't even have them..

What's Twin Bings? And, yes, I agree: bring on the chocolate - especially brownies.


Cookies and cream Hersey bars rock!

See exactly most people don't know about Twin Bings but they are really good!

Twin bings are okay. I just don't like eating something that I'm not really sure what is all inside it.

Pop rocks? Nerds?

My roommate loves Pop Rocks!! She likes to eat them at 1 am; the sounds they make freak me out!!

Snickers are best cold!

Peanut butter M&Ms rock my socks!!!

I don't think they rock my socks, but I sure do like them.

What are Twin bings? Nobody explained what they were. I would have to say the best is Reese's peanut butter cups or Dove chocolates.

Twin Bings are chocolate with nuts in them and there is like cherry flavoring in the middle. There are some in bucks or at grocery stores in sioux city. You just have to try them to see if you like them; it is hard to explain.

Sounds fascinating!

Twin Bings are fantastic!!! The chocolate with nuts is the best part!!!!

I think I should try them…

Mike N Ikes are the shiz (no way!!!!!!! GROOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

Milky Ways are amazing with all the chocolate and caramel!!

Butterfingers are my all time favorite. I've always loved em!

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