I don't really like football, but the Broncos are my favorite!

OOOOhhhhh yeahh!!! Good to see a Broncos fan! 120697729673083799.jpg

I'm from KS, but the Broncos are way better than the Chiefs.

nice image lol

Broncos = mustangs!!

Want to see another cool Broncos photo?? 122748263716599816.jpg

Boooo on the broncos! Go chiefs! (Yes, I know they suck.)

Who the heck likes the Chiefs??!!! Are you a Kansan/Missiourian, or just a silly person who likes the Chiefs for some unknown reason?

That last pick is pretty BA even though I dislike the Broncos

I have to agree that the second picture is pretty BA.

6-0. They were looking good…then 2-8… and missed the playoffs. Weak.

Least they choaked in the season and not make it to the play offs and choke….again…like always… (he's talking about the vikings)

Week 17… 44-24…..
Although they did lose earlier…terribly… and they lose often…. I'm a true KC fan, and I can't help but love that last week's game.

Dawayne Bowe is the man! He is one of my favorite receivers, but Brandon Marshall is the real deal as well.

NFL is overrated!!! College sports is where it is at. I hate the thought of how much pro sports get paid when there are college STUDENTS that play just as well at times!

How about we just say football sucks in general! ha

ok, dont be hatin, on football! and the broncos and the chiefs both got smashed this season. the Packers is where its all at!!!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Vikings beat the Packers every game last season? :) lol

How can you say football sucks in general? I understand everyone has their opinion, but I'm pretty sure 90% of America loves football. The Broncos are where it's at; Elvis Dumervil is a beast.

Being a beast isn't necessarily a good thing.

Oh, but it is. And don't forget about the Champ.

John Elway is my favorite Bronco.

Oh hands down John Elway is the man!

For all you pro-football lovers, I'm sure Sunday will be a great day for all of you! I may or may not be watching…haha

For whoever said that Pro football is bad because they get paid. I do hope you realize that nearly EVERY college football player is playing with the hopes of making it into the NFL draft. What is wrong with paying people to get paid to play sports? I think it is fine if they don't abuse it which not all do. Many still play football because they love the game (I.E. Ray Lewis). And if we are going to complain about HOW MUCH they get paid. How about the MLB? Players are paid so much more and play (on average) for almost twice as long. And the NBA also. MLB players are paid, on average, $3 Million/yr and play for about 6 years racking in 18 Mil. NBA players earn on average 4 Mil/yr and play a good 5 years earning 20 Mil on average.
The NFL, however, earns about oh… .77 Mil/yr and play on average for 3 years (due to the physicality of the sport). So they get about 2.3 Mil. Why don't people ever complain about the other sports? Especially the high paid players of baseball which, with no offense to players or fans of baseball, is a much less demanding sport, physically, than football.

I was only joking about the whole football sucking haha geez… and I think that college students play to get the scholarships so they don't have to pay for all of the college tuition not to go into the NFL. And I'm not sure that one would need to go to college to play in the NFL.

Actually you need to, that's why some people will leave college after their junior season, it's the earliest you can enter the draft. it's either grade or age but either way they must wait. In the NBA they just added a rule where you need a year of college or at least experience in another league of semi/pro (such as a european league). In the MLB I know you can be drafted out of high school because my cousin's brother in law got drafted by the Phillies after his senior year. Anyways, In NBA you need to at least play in another league… but when it comes to the NFL, what other leagues are there? I can't think of any that are not already associated with the NFL so the only way is to go to a college.
And I don't mean to argue with the statement that football just sucks, that's all opinion, I just don't like when people use the fact that NFL players are paid lots of money as their reason for not liking it. And if we are going to talk about scholarships it is essentially the same as earning money, it's just that the money goes directly towards college tuition rather than personal desires.
As far as football sucking, that's opinion, I don't care if that is your opinion. People from europe look at you like you are delusional if you tell them you like football. They usually say "the one with the helmets and pads?" and then laugh so it's a common opinion of a lot of the world.

Either way, I'm cheering for the Saints this weekend. Whether or not Brees gets paid millions of dollars.. haha

I loved the Broncos Drafting Tebow! I hope he can get the job done for them.

Ehh I don't know, Tim Tebow was good in college, but I don't know if he can do the same thing for the Bronco

Don't have a clue about any of this.

Carena u are just plain ignant.

Ignorant thank you.

Youre welcome.

It's actually you're welcome.. I think you are the ignorant one.

so precise. well done sir.

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