How was everyone's Easter break??

How was everyone's break, and what did everyone do???

Mine was pretty good starting with messing around with friends and then the track meet. Also once I got home I got pretty bored though nothing to do in my hometown. Had Easter with my mom's side of the family. Other then that I didn't really do anything.

Spent the whole vaca down in phoenix in the sun and the pool. Doubt those people against tanning completely would have liked it, but it was a great way to relax.

I worked a little and hung out with family and friends. It was pretty good :)

As did I. It was nice to see all of the friends again. However, some go to state schools so they didn't have Easter off.

I worked for two different businesses, and I went on a Easter egg hunt in my yard!

I miss doing Easter egg hunts! My family must think I'm too old now or something. Lame. :(

We don't do anything for Easter any more :(

When I was younger, we used to fly kites after church.

Ha ha … we used to do that, too! However, we also did an Easter egg hunt through the church.

Our Easter egg hunt was the Sat before Easter Sunday, and we hunted eggs outside on the church grounds.

Great I had a lot of fun!

I didn't really do much either, just enjoyed relaxing at home!

Had a ton of family home, went to a two and a half hour Easter Vigil… Easter dinner… more family… hung out… with family :) it was a great weekend :)

Pretty boring and really short.

Mine was ok, mostly boring… I did a lot of yard work - picking up sticks that are more like branches. It felt really short, too..

Mine was pretty good went on vacation to Minneapolis to water park of america it was sweet! Also Mall of America which was fun!

Mine went really well. I got to see my brother for 2 days which was awesome. Haven't seen him since Christmas. And to top it off my sister had a baby girl on Easter. Baby Livvy :)

Great. Slept the whole time : )

Terrible lol I got my wisdom teeth out. Very painful.

Very short… just spent time at home…

Fun. Munchkins and Candy and Throwing rocks off a bridge. pretty much it.

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