Amazing Music

Amazing music… check em out!

Fett's Vetts (my backpack's got jets)

New Math

Go Ninja Go Ninja

jizz in my pants


bo burnham is amazing lol he is one of the funniest guys i have ever heard

Ha I love the lonely island…they are hilarious

I have been on an audioslave kick lately..

All Time Low is awesome.

I like Poisen!

Matchbox Twenty is one of my classic all time favorites. How can you deny them?

Matchbox Twenty IS awesome. But BLINK 182 is the BEST!!!!

Blink 182 is amazing, which is y u should listen to angels and airwaves…amazing

90's music … Jamming out to it right now (:

Dierks Bentley is the man.

Sick Puppies are the greatest.

90's Alternative Music nothing better than listening to the lyrics and thinking to yourself " they had to have been tripping on acid when they wrote this."

Darius Rucker!

LOVE Darius Rucker!!!!! alright and history in the making! :)


jizz in my pants…hahahahah i can't believe you call that "amazing music!!"

Darius's new song Forever Road is a good one too!

I'm on a boat.

Nobody can compete with Kanye! new album in june and I am jacked… the only person that compete with him is that cleveland kid kid cudi

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